Founded in 2006, Coeur Clémentine is the result of the decades-long friendship of its founders, Steve Veytia and Pierre Arosteguy, their shared passion for the wines of Provence, and in particular, rosé. Steve Veytia of Napa Valley, and Pierre Arosteguy from France both grew up in the food and wine business. Veytia is from a grape growing family and has found himself drawn to France for the past 25 years while being a global brand builder in the fashion and sports industry. Arostéguy is from the oldest and finest family run epicerie in France, Maison Arostéguy. Five generations strong, Arostéguy has grown his family's business into a global brand distributing fine foods all over the world. Coeur Clémentine garnered tremendous success in France upon their first release in 2008 quickly becoming one of the best selling rosés from Provence. With the release of the current 2018 vintage, Coeur Clémentine is celebrating its 10th vintage and 10 years of producing excellent award-winning wines.

Coeur Clémentine's wines are hand-crafted from start to finish. Under the direction of winemaker Jean-Christophe Audèoud, using techniques that are both recent and part of the long tradition of making rosé in the Provence, Coeur Clémentine's practices are natural and focused on providing the highest expression of the fruit when crafting their beautifully bone-dry, fruit-forward, and elegant rosés.
  • Founded: 2006
  • Owner: Steve Veytia and Pierre Arosteguy
  • Winemaker: Jean-Christophe Audéoud
  • Climate: Mediterranean with low rainfall and warm, dry summers
  • Key Varieties: Grenache, Cinsault, Carignan, Mourvèrdre, Syrah, Tibouren


With 26 centuries of winemaking experience, Provence is the oldest winegrowing region in France, and the first to produce rosés. Today, Provence devotes over 88% of its production to rosé wines. Coeur Clémentine’s fruit is sourced from “The Golden Triangle” – the villages of PugetVille, Pierrefeu and Cuers – what many believe to be the best soil and sought after grapes in the region. For more than a decade, Couer Clémentine has been working closely with several grape growing families who have been farming here for generations. Rising from the valley floor, the vineyards encompass diverse microclimates, rolling hills and hillside parcels with stony and calcific soils, which naturally limit fruit yields. And after a few years of development alongside the Breban family, famous for their artisanal Provencal wines, Coeur Clémentine is proud to be one of the few sparkling wines made in Provence.


Coeur Clémentine uses traditional methods that have been carried down from generation to generation. Couer Clémentine maintains a late night/early morning harvest when temperatures are coolest. Under the watchful eye of winemaker, Jean Christophe Audéoud the grapes are gently pressed when still cool with minimal skin contact. Skin contact is minimal resulting in a lighter, dryer rose. Fermentations are kept cool and long to preserve the delicate floral and fruit flavors. For the sparkling wine, the still wine is then fermented slowly a second time to create the fine effervescence. The wine is left on secondary lees to build texture and palate weight before being bottled.

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