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Champagne Collet – #18 Champagne in the U.S.

Shankin’s IMPACT Newsletter Lists the Grower Co-Op among Top 20

July 1, 2023 | Citing 9L case depletions, drinks industry newsletter IMPACT published the $1B Champagne category’s top 20 performers, where the Collet brand slots in with 2022 sales that represent a nearly 45% increase over the prior year.

The pub quotes Collet’s VP of Sales & Marketing in US, Pascal Boye: “Originally we were very on-premise focused, but during the pandemic we got into retail and now we have a good balance of about 60% on-premise to 40% retail.”

Champagne Collet is a grower-owned co-op, in business for 100+ years. A founding member of COGEVI, Champagne Collet’s history harkens back to the Revolt Champenoise that began in 1911. The uprising resulted in the establishment of Champagne as a protected appellation, and Champagne Collet was founded in 1921, located in the heart of Aÿ, France, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

“Boye is finding that sommeliers are keeping tighter lists, but favoring unique brands with novel offerings. Vintage Champagnes, single-vineyard bottlings, and lesser known items like Blanc de Noirs are attracting interest. collet has looked to capitalize on the trend with recent launches like a Grand Cru Aÿ 2012 ($120), Blanc de Noirs 1er Cru NV ($70), Esprit Couture 2012 ($150), Demi Sec NV ($55), and Extra Brut 1er Cru NV ($57),” writes segment author Daniel Marsteller.

Old Bridge Cellars is the exclusive US importer for Champagne Collet wines. Find more on the Champagne Collet line by visiting, including the entire range on offer.