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John Duval Entity: A Perfect Pairing for Girl Scout Cookies?

Guide: How to pair wine with Girl Scout cookies

by Rachel Nania
January 28, 2014

Girl Scout cookie season is finally here. And if you’re looking for a new way to indulge in the classic treat, it’s time to think outside the (cookie) box and look toward the bottle.

Eric Nagel, founder and partner of the Wine Club Group, says pairing wine with Girl Scout cookies is a great way to experiment with the different ways wine tastes when paired with different foods.

Scott Greenberg’s Top Pairing Picks

Thin Mints

These wafer-thin, mint-centric cookies are covered in rich chocolate. Such a classic combo of flavors needs to be paired with a wine that will complement the chocolate notes and play well with the minty characteristic.

My pick is a dark, brooding Australian Shiraz or a Napa Valley Syrah. Try the 2010 John Duval Entity Shiraz from Australia ($40) or the 2009 Arns Syrah “Melanson Vineyard” from Napa Valley, California ($40).

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