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Halliday Rates d’Arenberg Amazing Sites Shiraz

In The Weekend Australian on September 15th, James Halliday wrote an article about d’Arenberg’s Amazing Sites range, and reviewed the 12 single vineyard shiraz wines.

He said that his tasting of the Amazing Sites range with Chester and d’Arry was the most compelling demonstration of terroir he has encountered in Australia.

He goes on to say “Each wine was distinctly different from its siblings, some trenchantly demanding time, others more forthcoming, the common link their quality. For any enthusiasts seeking more knowledge, the 12 wines would create the ultimate self-guided Masterclass.”

Scoring the top points is The Garden of Extraordinary Delights at 96. Closely following that is The Amaranthine and The Bamboo Scrub, both scoring 95.

View the full list of points and James’ tasting notes.