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Joe Dobbes is WBM’s Winemaker of the Month

An Interview with Joe Dobbes, Founder and Winemaker, Wine by Joe

Wine Business Monthly
May, 2015

Joe Dobbes of Wine by Joe:

“My staff and I spend many dozens of hours per year discussing high-level wine-making theory, shop, methodologies, logistics, etc. I love this aspect of the business; a number of experienced heads around the table sharing ideas and varied experiences from around the globe and challenging each other.

This is powerful and provides a great opportunity for all to learn, give value to the company, stretch the envelope and become better winemakers and business people. I look forward to reading Wine Business Monthly for the same reasons: tapping into the experiences of my peers for my own continual education and the broadening of horizons as a winemaker and businessman. My staff will vouch that I quite often hand out copies of articles from WBM which I find particularly valuable on wine-making, marketing, sales and direct-to consumer efforts.

I recently enjoyed the article on concrete tanks. It looks like old technology is new and in vogue again. I have not yet tasted trials of concrete versus stainless ferments yet, but look forward to the opportunity with an open mind, but admittedly a little skepticism.”

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