Devil's Corner, on Tasmania's East Coast, is one of the wildest and relentless environments on Earth. People say you are a product of your environment and Devil's Corner believes the harshest conditions yield the greatest results. The name comes from intrepid sailors who, while navigating Tasmania's Tamar River, discovered a treacherous bend and named it Devil's Corner. Beyond the tumultuous reach, they found an amazing sanctuary where still waters rewarded their impressive navigational efforts. Today it is home to some of the most stunning vineyards in Tasmania. Planted about as close to the coast as possible and surrounded by a spectacularly beautiful natural environment. Devil's Corner holds a special kind of adventurous spirit that doesn't fight against the elements. Instead, they've learned when to lean into them. When to wait. And when to harness the weather to go even bolder with the fruit or brighter with the acidity. Because Devil's Corner reckons wine tastes better with both the wild and the tame... and their team knows just how to bring them together. The best of both worlds, that creates wine like nowhere else.

"Calm meets chaos, where our vines meet the sea."
  • Founded: 1998
  • Owner: Brown Family Wine Group
  • Winemaker: Joel Tilbrook
  • Size: 215 acres
  • Climate: Cool
  • Key Varieties: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay


Winemaker Joel Tilbrook maintains that with these wines its more about what they DON’T do. Devil’s Corner has great expressive fruit and bright cool-climate acidity and Joel’s winemaking is all about showcasing these natural qualities. They make fruit-driven wines occasionally adding complexity through whole bunches in the ferment, aging on the lees with occasional stirring, delaying malolactic fermentation until spring, or maturing in French Oak. Other winemaking techniques include the use of open fermenters, natural yeast ferments, cold soaks, basket pressing, and minimal fining and filtration before bottling. When oak is used it’s 100% French from 10 different coopers and a range of toast levels.


Typically, Tasmania’s growing season is 3-4 weeks later than mainland Australia. The estate Hazard Vineyard is the primary fruit source for Devil’s Corner. Here, there is a classic cool climate with cold nights and warm, mild days. Its close proximity to the ocean and natural amphitheater moderating temperature provides valuable protection from extreme weather, reducing risk of destructive frosts in the growing period. And while prevailing south-westerly weather is often extreme, the weather in Tasmania runs from the west leaving Hazard Vineyard to benefit from being in a rain shadow for much of the year allowing for near perfect growing conditions. In this vineyard, there is earlier berry development and harvest compared to the Tamar Valley in Tasmania’s north along with bolder color and fruit intensity. Practically speaking, Devil’s Corner farms all of their own vineyards. Their holistic and sustainable vitticultural practices include moisture sensors for precision irrigation and 5,000 sheep for weed suppression and building soil health. All vines are drip irrigated and Vertically Shoot Positioned (VSP). Shoot thinning, leaf plucking and bunch removal are practiced to optimize vine balance.

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