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Ben Riggs
McLaren Vale: Mediterranean, substantial meso climate variation between sites. Langhorne Creek: Mediterranean
Key Varietals

Shoofly, Australia, Adelaide Hills


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"Key to Shoofly's success is in the management of the vineyards enabling Ben Riggs to deliver consistent quality."

Wine Spectator


Australians are serious about keeping their cool. They look relaxed as they casually shoo away buzzing flies, and the message is clear – nothing’s going to get them down! They tend to take life’s challenges in stride and simply get on with the job at hand. Like making wines with some oomph and stuffing, the sort that you’re just as likely to tuck into with your midweek pasta, as take to a fancy dinner party on the weekend. Which means that winemaking is a serious business, and it shows with Shoofly’s robust, full-of-flavor Shiraz. Crafted from hand-selected vineyards that are rich in character and demonstrate true varietal pedigree, here is a McLaren Vale Shiraz that delivers a world-class perspective.

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The Shoofly winemaking team is led by one of Australia’s best – Ben Riggs. As a native of McLaren Vale, he has been crafting some of the region’s finest for two decades. His vision is clear: no flabby wines, no raisins and leave the oak for the trees! The team brings decades of winemaking and tasting experience to the table, so they’ve figured out how to make a wine that will drink well to the last drop. These are fleshy, balanced wines bursting with vibrant, delicious fruit. And the team believes a little barrel maturation goes a long way, after all, who wants to choke on oak?

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Shoofly winemaker Ben Riggs


Ben Riggs, Shoofly’s tenacious winemaker, is a South Australian native who knows his stuff, and where to get it. His roster of grape growers is one of the most sought-after contact lists in the country; Shoofly’s grapes come from a “who’s who” of Australian growers. McLaren Vale’s temperate maritime climate offers reds of rich, ripe fruit character and great acid balance. Langhorne Creek, a “cool desert” situated on South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula, produces soft, fruit-driven wines, with Shiraz, performing admirably.