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Brown Family Wine Group
Joel Tilbrook
323 acres
Key Varietals
Pinot Noir

Tasmania, Australia


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"This Pinot is an excellent example, showcasing the density yet elegance of Tassie's north."

Christina Pickard - Wine Enthusiast


As the name suggests, Tamar Ridge sits high on the western slopes of the Tasmania’s Tamar Valley overlooking the Tamar River. For over 20 years, the winemakers have balanced the art and science winemaking to craft elegant and multi-dimensional pinot noir wines that are regarded as among Tasmania’s – and the world’s – best. Guided by instinct, a willingness to experiment and an appreciation for the unique location, Tamar Ridge has earned its reputation as a fine wine producer.

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Tamar Ridge’s winemakers balance the art of winemaking with the science of discovery to master the nuanced and truly extraordinary grape variety of Pinot Noir. The winemaking team uses multiple winemaking techniques and viticultural practices and various clones of Pinot Noir while embracing the wonders and challenges Tasmania’s cool climate to make one of Tasmania’s finest wines.


Making elegant and exciting Pinot Noir focuses on fruit sourced from the Kayena Vineyard in the Tamar Valley which comprises over 30 distinct Pinot Noir sites and a dozen different clones. These different clones, along with the vineyard location and a myriad of ways the wine can be made, are what determine the flavor and style of Tamar Ridge wines.

Embracing the founding ethos of innovation, the Tamar Ridge team has experimented with these different blocks and clones, trialling new winemaking techniques and viticultural practices for over 20 years. Each individual batch is made with minimal intervention allowing the fruit to best express its unique site. Each wine reflects the climate during that season and tells the story of its place.