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1998 by John Goelet
François Lurton
François Lurton
Mediterranean climate with low rainfall and warm, dry summers.
Key Varietals
Syrah, Mourvedre, Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon



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"For wine consumers, especially those who like hand-crafted, highly individual wines that express the place where they were grown and are sensibly priced too, Languedoc-Roussillon is the perfect playground."

Jancis Robinson, Financial Times (2010)


Domaine de Nizas is located near the medieval village of Pézenas in the heart of the Languedoc region. It was originally established in 1998 by Franco-American agriculturist, John Goelet, a member of a distinguished family in Bordeaux. In December 2018, the legendary Domaines François Lurton acquired the winery coveted for its diversity of rich and rare soil types, vineyards cooled by a northerly wind, and a history of wine production dating back to the 7th Century. Domaine de Nizas holds the highest (strictest) HVE sustainable certification and has been using organic viticultural practices since 2007. A deep and strict respect for the land, along with the people they depend on to work it, create a balanced biodiversity that undeniably comes through Domaine de Nizas’ range of wines.

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François Lurton crafts the Nizas wines in a style expresses the essence of each terroir. All fruit is harvested at optimum ripeness and with a good balance of sugar and acidity, allowed by the excellent and diverse soils, wide diurnal temperatures and precision pruning. Upon arrival at the winery, the grapes are de-stalked and gently put into tanks. Maceration is carefully controlled in order to naturally enhance the work that has already been done in the vineyard: A deep color, intense and pure aromas, full bodied and soft tannins. After 15 to 25 days on the skins, the grapes are pressed and the resulting wine is then graded according to the quality of the press. The wines are then transferred to oak barrels to complete the malolactic fermentation and for maturation until bottling.

vineyard view with white lofty clouds and winery building

Vineyards of Domaine de Nizas


Pézenas enjoys a Mediterranean climate with low rainfall and warm, dry summers. The sweeping vineyards benefit from cool North winds and “Tramontane” which blow over the mountains towards the sea and warm Mediterranean sunshine which, together, protect the vines and keep them vigorous.

With 100 acres of planted vines ranging from 60 year-old Carignan to more recently planted Syrah and Grenache, Domaine de Nizas’ terroir offers a unique mosaic of three soil types: pebbles, basalt and limestone. These soils are deep and provide excellent drainage while retaining freshness and humidity at deep root level, allowing grapes to ripen fully without stress to the vines.

Domaine de Nizas has been certified as a sustainable vineyard since 2007. The vines are worked manually and precisely for pruning, bud removal, lifting the wires, and if required, removing excess grapes. The winery maintains a long term view, conserving the soils by using ploughing and grass rather than herbicides.